Silver Slate Pencil Award

February 29 | 2024


Some wonderful news: Madame Petrova's Fortune Cards has just won a Zilveren griffel (Silver Slate Pencil Award)
Some quotes from the jury report:
Madame Petrova's Fortune Cards not only takes you through lovely woods and enchanting countryside; it is also a journey through the beauties of language. That makes this book a real treat. Almost every sentence is a gem, the descriptions are are picture perfect and Hof's choice of detail is pertinent and apt throughout - her style is no less than masterful. She knows how to hold back and excite at the same time.The narration - ever so carefully unspooled - is both moving and timeless, but above all it is the unique atmosphere that gives Madame Petrova's Fortune Cards the allure of a true classic. You want to keep on reading and reading, the story must not stop.