Best Children's Feature Film

April 18 | 2012

Patatje oorlog/Taking Chances has gained the Best Children's Feature Film Award at the International Children's FIlm Festival in Lucknow, India.


Barnefilmfestivalen i Kristiansand

April 12 | 2012

Taking Chances is one of seven Dutch movies selected for the International Children's Movie Festival in Kristiansand (Barnefilmfestivalen i Kristiansand). April 24 to 28.


ECFA Award

March 22 | 2012

Taking chances

Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been made into a movie. Its Dutch title is Patatje Oorlog; abroad it has been released as Taking Chances.
The movie has gained the European Children Film Association Award for Best European Film at the Malmö BUFF Filmfestival.

Award ceremonies take place at several European Youth Filmfestivals (Giffoni, Cine-Jeune, Berlinale, etc.) where the jury singles out the best European Film in the running.

BUFF, the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival, was founded in Malmö in 1984 and is generally considered one of Europe's leading festivals for movies for young people.

In October 2011 Patatje Oorlog/Taking Chances got its first public showing at the Cinekid Festival, where it won the prize for Best Dutch Movie for Children. In the early months of this year Patatje Oorlog/Taking Chances was included in the official selection of the Generation Kplus programme of the Berlinale, Berlin's renowned International Movie Festival.



December 15 | 2011

Patatje oorlog, as the movie adaptation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) is entitled, has been selected for the 62nd International Berlin Film Festival under the title Taking Chances. It features in what is called the Generation Kplus programme, which entails it will be in the running for the Crystal Bear and the Grand Prix Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk. The 2012 Berlinale is due from February 9 to 19.



August 16 | 2011

Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been made into a movie titled Patatje Oorlog - literally War Chips, which is colloquial Dutch for a portion of chips with (would you believe it?) peanut sauce, mayonnaise and raw onions. The movie is to be shown on the opening night of the annual Cinekid Festival on October 12. The festival is traditionally held in the autumn break and features movies, TV-shows and new media productions for young people.



September 02 | 2010

The movie rights of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) have been sold to Lemming Film and the Filmfonds ( Dutch Movie Fund) has granted a subsidy. The screenplay is by Lotte Tabbers and the movie will be directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk. If everything goes according to plan, Een kleine kans is to go into circulation next year.