Hoogeveen - Siglufjörður

October 03 | 2014

At the beginning of October I will be in Reykjavik, where I have been invited to attend the Mýrin festval / Mooreland Children’s and Youth Literature Festival.

Subsequently I will travel to Siglufjörður, where I will be working on a project I set up together with Lieke van Duin and the public library Hoogeveen. We matched an Icelandic school group (Grunnskóli Fjallabyggðar) with a Dutch one (Het Palet Hoogeveen). The students get in touch through an non-public weblog and work on creative assignments pertaining to Iceland and the Netherlands. I am happy to act as a kind of go-between.



January 16 | 2012


In the next couple of weeks I will be staying in Gullkistan.



January 16 | 2012

Gullkistan The coming weeks I stay as a writer in residence in Gullkistan. Winter was exceptionally severe in Laugarvatn. Gales battered the farmhouse until it shook and snow was piling up against the walls, but not for a moment did I regret my visit. Indoors everything was comfy and I never failed to find inspiration outside. I found myself in an overwhelming snowscape. And to top it all there was the Aurora Borealis. Such a bonus!

Alda and Kristveig proved to be the ideal hostesses for me, providing companionship when I desired it and leaving me in peace when work needed to be done. Two women that I admire and found it difficult to take leave of. They have kind husbands and children to boot, which made saying goodbye even harder. Gullkistan is the ideal workplace, I dare-say. If you don’t mind icy conditions, you will find quiet and well-heated accommodation there.

I was working on a book situated in Iceland. I am expecting to finish it in a few months.



November 03 | 2010

Scheepswand In the next couple of weeks I will be staying in Herhúsið in Siglufjörður, as writer in residence. This little town in the north of Iceland has given me a most cordial reception.

It is snowing, there's a strong wind blowing, the house is creaking and groaning, but apart from the weather everything is just fine. The local Herring Museum offers a wealth of information and I am allowed to browse at any time, all on my own. The museum has been awarded various prizes, to which I would like to add one: a medal for making foreign writers feel welcome.

Today I spent in the hold of an ancient fishing boat in the vast museum-hangar. What better place for writing can you hope for?


Reykjavík en Siglufjörður

October 23 | 2010

As from October 24 I will be in Iceland, working on a new book. First I will be staying in Reykjavík and next I move to Herhúsið, a writer's residence in Siglufjörður. The rest of the familiy is remaining at home in Holland.

To enable this sojourn Het Nederlands Letterenfonds (The Dutch Literary Fund) has kindly allowed me a grant.