New book and new translations

June 10 | 2011

mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma I'm pleased to announce that a new book has just been launched. Its Dutch title is Mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma, which translates into My grandad and me and a pig called Granny.

What else is new? Various translations have appeared recently: look here for Moeder nummer nul in English. (Mother numer zero).

In addition to this there now are Portuguese and Turkish editions of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds). And finally an Australian edition of the same book has been published by Allen&Unwin.



April 04 | 2011

For the next six weeks I am staying in hotel Bleibtreu in Berlin as writer in residence. As I'm the hotel writer, they treat me like a princess.

Having a partnership with the International Berlin Literature Festival, Hotel Bleibtreu invites authors from all over the world. The project lasts two years. The hotel desk displays a picture of the writer who's currently their special guest.

I will be contributing short pieces to this weblog every so often. Also, I'm putting a lot of hard work into a new book. And of course there is Berlin to be explored!



November 03 | 2010

Scheepswand In the next couple of weeks I will be staying in Herhúsið in Siglufjörður, as writer in residence. This little town in the north of Iceland has given me a most cordial reception.

It is snowing, there's a strong wind blowing, the house is creaking and groaning, but apart from the weather everything is just fine. The local Herring Museum offers a wealth of information and I am allowed to browse at any time, all on my own. The museum has been awarded various prizes, to which I would like to add one: a medal for making foreign writers feel welcome.

Today I spent in the hold of an ancient fishing boat in the vast museum-hangar. What better place for writing can you hope for?


Reykjavík en Siglufjörður

October 23 | 2010

As from October 24 I will be in Iceland, working on a new book. First I will be staying in Reykjavík and next I move to Herhúsið, a writer's residence in Siglufjörður. The rest of the familiy is remaining at home in Holland.

To enable this sojourn Het Nederlands Letterenfonds (The Dutch Literary Fund) has kindly allowed me a grant.


Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin

September 10 | 2010

From September 14 to 19 I will attend the International Literature Festival in Berlin, which is really something to look forward to. For additional information follow the link to the festival website or click here.



September 02 | 2010

The movie rights of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) have been sold to Lemming Film and the Filmfonds ( Dutch Movie Fund) has granted a subsidy. The screenplay is by Lotte Tabbers and the movie will be directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk. If everything goes according to plan, Een kleine kans is to go into circulation next year.


Chiisana Kanosei

July 05 | 2010

Chiisana Kanosei

The Japanese translation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been published by Shogakukan. Chiisana Kanosei, Tokyo, Shogakukan, 2010. Translated by Etsuko Nozaka. Illustrated by Yoko Tanji.


Que no passi!

July 05 | 2010

catalaanse cover

The Catalan translation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been published by Editorial Cruïlla.
Que no passi! Barcelona, Editorial Cruïlla, 2010. Translated by Gustau Raluy and Caroline de Jong. Illustrated by Gemma Capdevila.


Abba-rûl wihe jugûn sengjui

June 18 | 2010


The Korean translation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been published by Sigongsa. Abba-rûl wihe jugûn sengjui, Seoul, Sigongsa, 2010. Translated by Young-Jin Kim.



Mała szansa

June 02 | 2010

Mala Szansalogo tulipanem

The Polish translation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been published by Hokus-Pokus. The publishing house has recently set up the Serie z Tulipanem - or Tulip Series, which accommodates translations of Dutch children’s books.
Mała szansa, Warsaw, Hokus-Pokus, 2010. Translated by Joanna Borycka-Zakrzewska.