May 28 | 2022

voorkant achterkantkant

After a lengthy silence November saw the launch of my new book with Dutch publishers Querido. Annette Fienig’s illustrations are just wonderful and I am well pleased with the book’s design by Leentje van Wirdum.

Lepelsnijder (Spooncarver). Janis and old Frid live together high up on a mountain, remote from civilisation. Any contact with other people is strictly out of bounds, as the world is much too dangerous a place. Once in a while Frid goes down the mountain by himself to get new supplies and to sell the elegant spoons Janis crafts from wood. It so happens that Frid fails to return from one of these expeditions. As Janis runs out of food, there is only one thing left for him to do; he loads Kiezel, the donkey, calls his dog Luki and starts the slow descent. Gradually it dawns on him it is not only Frid he is looking for. There is something much more important besides: the truth.