March 20 | 2020

Male šanse

The rights to Lepelsnijder ( Spooncarver ) have been sold to Russian publishers Samokat. In addition they bought the rights to Against the Odds ( Een kleine kans ), bringing the total number of translations of this book up to fourteen.

Against the Odds was recently published in Croatian: Male šanse, Lector Publishing, translation by Gioia-Ana Ulrich.


Vlag en Wimpel

June 24 | 2019


Lepelsnijder (Spooncarver) has been awarded a Vlag en Wimpel (Flying Colours), an honorary mention by the Griffeljury.

An excerpt from the jury report: 'Steadily, but relentlessly, Hof entwines dark secrets, plot twists and tense moments into her adventure story. The more discoveries Janis makes, the greater the suspense. At every unexpected turn of events he matures, until eventually he is strong enough to discard all the jigsaw pieces he has so painfully gathered.'

Lepelsnijder had already been nominated for the Woutertje Pieterseprijs (an annual Dutch literary award for the best children's book of the preceding year)



November 18 | 2018

voorkant achterkantkant

After a lengthy silence November saw the launch of my new book with Dutch publishers Querido. Annette Fienig’s illustrations are just wonderful and I am well pleased with the book’s design by Leentje van Wirdum.

Lepelsnijder (Spooncarver). Janis and old Frid live together high up on a mountain, remote from civilisation. Any contact with other people is strictly out of bounds, as the world is much too dangerous a place. Once in a while Frid goes down the mountain by himself to get new supplies and to sell the elegant spoons Janis crafts from wood. It so happens that Frid fails to return from one of these expeditions. As Janis runs out of food, there is only one thing left for him to do; he loads Kiezel, the donkey, calls his dog Luki and starts the slow descent. Gradually it dawns on him it is not only Frid he is looking for. There is something much more important besides: the truth.



May 05 | 2017


From May 10 to 13 I will be a guest at Slovenia's Children's Literature Festival Branice pod slamnikom 2017.


The Book of Children's Books

November 08 | 2016


Holland and Flanders being this year's honorary hosts at the 2016 Frankfurter Buchmesse, a wonderful book was published about Dutch and Flemish youth literature. The Book of Children's Books (original title Het boekenboek) was co-written by Mirjam Noorduijn and Veerle Vanden Bosch and translated into English by Laura Watkinson. Its fifty chapters deal with as many essential book titles and introduce twenty-five illustrators from the Low Countries. In addition there is a plethora of anecdotes, columns, reference lists and literary tidbits.

Among the fifty books selected for the canonical list is Against the Odds.


Luchs december

December 14 | 2015


De regels van drie (The Rules of Three) was recently published in German:
Opi Kas, die Zimtziegen und ich - Aladin Verlag, 2015. Translation Meike Blatnik. Illustrations Joëlle Tourlonias.
This month the book became winner of a Luchs. Every month Radio Bremen and quality newspaper Die Zeit award a Luchs to a newly published book. The twelve winners are nominated for Luchs of the Year.
The radio broadcast about Opi Kas, die Zimtziegen und ich is available online.


Café Amsterdã

August 14 | 2015

Café Amsterdã

From August 26 to September 5 I will attend the Café Amsterdã Festival in São Paulo en Rio de Janeiro. This event, organised by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and EYE Internationl, highlights Dutch books and movies. Besides readings and lectures by the authors there is a film programme (including a screening of Patatje Oorlog, based on my book Against the Odds) and an exhibition featuring the work of contemporary children's book illustrators.

Further information about the festival and the authors here.


Prix Chronos 2015

August 12 | 2015

Mein Opa und ich und ein Schwein namens Oma, the German translation of Mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma has been awarded the Swiss Prix Chronos 2015 in the juniors prize category. Pardon Monsieur ist dieser Hund blind? by Hervé Jaouen was chosen by the jury consisting of senior members


Prix Chronos

March 18 | 2015

Mein Opa und ich und ein Schwein namens Oma, the German translation of My grandad and me and a pig called Granny, has been shortlisted for the Swiss Prix Chronos 2015. It is among the five titles selected by the Schweizerische Institut für Kinder- und Jugendmedien (SIKJM) from which the reading pulic will choose a winner. The Prix Chronos is a prize awarded by Pro Senectute Schweiz in association with Pro Juventute. All competition entries feature relationships between old folks and young - senior citizens and under fifteens.

The prize winning ceremony is on 23 April.


Pravila treh

March 09 | 2015

Slovenian publishers Miš have released a translation of De regels van drie (The rules of three)

Pravila treh - Dob pri Domžalah, Miš,2015. Translated by Katjuša Ručigaj.